How we came to be in the Razor Blade Business.

We’re a Hawke’s Bay established family-run company that’s been involved in various business interests for the past fifteen years. In that time I’ve seen a lot of products – both good and bad. Now I’m sure there are plenty of people who, like me, resent paying so much money for razors and replacement cartridges at the supermarket. No wonder razor blades are one of their most shoplifted items.

In my case, I shave pretty much every day and the cost of shaving adds up at $20 plus for 4 good quality cartridges. So when I came across a multi-blade razor at almost half the price, and I think, as good as any Gillette or Schick razors, I decided we should get involved with the product..

I have sourced 5 blade razors and replacement cartridges and am importing them to sell to you for less than half the price of what I consider to be equivalent quality razors.

Great Comfort Shaving Handle Works & Feels Great.

Sure the handles are nothing flash, but they’re functional, practical and cost-effective. Having field tested the razors myself and having others trial them as well, I can confidently recommend these razors to you. In fact for me, the razor has proven to be as good if not better than any other razor I’ve used.

It’s given me the closest cut of any razor I’ve used and lasted as long, if not longer, than any other. I’m confident you’ll find the razor the value for money that I do and I welcome your feedback. Happy shaving and saving.
Mike Peachey – Director, Razor Blade Shaver Savers

Tip: It doesn’t matter what razor I use, I’ve found shaving in the shower works for me. I’ve never needed shaving foam, or get the rash that I get when I shave at the basin. (Check out our Shaving Tips page for more useful shaving tips)

Contact Details:

Mike Peachey

027 220 8816

25 Hikanui Drive
Havelock North, 4130
New Zealand