Razor Blades New Zealand offer 5 blade razors and shaving handles at great prices. Why pay so much for 5 blade razors and replacement shaving cartridges when you can choose a quality alternative from Razor Blades New Zealand online at a fraction of the cost.

Hi I am Mike Peachey, Director of Razor Blades New Zealand, I shave pretty much every day and the cost of shaving adds up and I firmly believe you will not find better value when it comes to shaving time & money by buying your cartridges online here with us.

We offer Premium Razor Blades for Kiwis who believe shaving should come at an affordable price for men & women.

I was so frustrated I decided to do something about it. I have sourced 5 blade razors and replacement cartridges and imported them and can on sell them for less than half the price of what I consider to be equivalent quality razors. Sure the handles are nothing flash. But they’re functional, practical and cost-effective.

Quality 5 Bladed Razors for Shaving

Having field tested the razors myself and getting others to trial them as well, I can confidently recommend these razors to others. In fact for me, the razor has proven to be as good if not better than any other razor I’ve used. It’s given me the closest cut of any razor I’ve used and lasted as long, if not longer than any other.

Tip: Doesn’t matter what razor I use, I’ve found shaving in the shower works for me. Never need shaving foam, or get the rash I get when shaving at a basin. I really hope you find the razor the value for money that I do and welcome your feedback. Happy shaving. Mike Peachey founder of Razor Blades.


Satisfied customers are our best marketing strategy. And we make sure our customers stay happy by providing them with the the


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